As part of the government’s plan to reduce energy consumption, Vinexposium is committed to working alongside the players in the events industry to contribute to the collective effort to save energy.
Our common goal: to act for a responsible energy consumption.

Applying the recommendations of UNIMEV, Vinexposium is setting up the following emergency measures.
Actions carried out by Vinexposium
Reduction of the heating level by 10% compared to the previous edition. 

Activation of heating / air conditioning before the public‘s arrival and gradual reduction during the event.

Turn off equipment and lighting during the event’s closing periods.
Actions to be carried out by the exhibitors and their suppliers
Switch off lights and screens of the stands during the closing of the event.
For information, the night guard teams will be required to turn off any lights that are left on during these periods.

Reduction of lighting hours according to real activity needs. 
We invite you to use an intermittent meter and a permanent meter only in case of special needs. 

Optimization of stand lighting by giving priority to LED instead of thermal bulbs.

Encourage the design of modular stands with aluminum structures that can be reused over several years.
Thank you in advance for your commitment and have a great event!
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